10 Easy Ways To Grow Your Business In An Hour

10 Easy Ways To Grow Your Business In An Hour

Imagine. If you committed focused time each day to work ON your business, where could you be in 3, 6 and 12 months time?

I reckon you’d be streets ahead of your competition because most business owners won’t do this. Instead they get caught up in the busyness of the here and now and as a result make limited progress and get disappointed when their dreams don’t materialise.

But they shouldn’t be surprised – to succeed you need to innovate AND implement ideas that grow your business, keep your customers interested and you ahead of the competition. Sure it takes time and effort but the rewards are worth it.

Smart working practices hold the key to growing your business

Perhaps you’re thinking, “but I have no time”. If so, you’re not alone. Lack of time is a common excuse and a cop out because it is possible to get more done in less time. You simply need to implement a few smart working practices. And one of them is a daily power hour where for one-hour a day you lock yourself away from all other distractions and work ON your business. And if you do this consistently, you’ll be amazed at how things change for you.

Where could you be two weeks from today?

So here’s a challenge. For the next two weeks, commit to that daily power hour. Simply block out 60-90 minutes and work on something that will grow your business. And to get you going, here are 10 activities to explore.

  • Write a blog post, promote it and drive fresh traffic to your website.
  • Craft a letter to your list and promote a service or reinforce your authority.
  • Plan a new lead generator to grow your database.
  • Create a simple survey using SurveyMonkey and glean valuable insights from your prospects and customers.
  • Re-visit your customer avatar. Your sales copy will be far more effective if you can enter the conversation already happening inside your customer’s head
  • Analyse some effective marketing and figure out how to use the concepts to promote your business.
  • Brainstorm headlinesHeadline Hacks is a cracking free resource that contains 52 formulas to use across your marketing.
  • Analyse your numbers and identify your top customers. Then send them something cool to show your appreciation and strengthen your bond.
  • Get clear on your USP by pinning down “why prospects should choose you above all the other options available to them”.
  • Enhance your skills, broaden your perspective and learn something new. Jim Rohn said, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune”. What nuggets and insights could you glean from people who have already achieved what you desire to help you reach your destination quicker?

Over to you:
What are you currently working on to grow and develop your business? What ideas could you share with other OBH readers? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below.
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