Higher Search Rankings in Google

Google uses over 200 factors in order to determine which pages are displayed on the first page of it’s search results. Although Google is very secretive about the exact formula, there are many things that can be done that will improve your ranking results. The method of optimising your website for the search engines is called Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Essentially Google strives to return the best and most relevant results that a user has searched for and in order to do this Google needs to be able to index websites and understand what they provide so that they can be added to their database. It stands to reason, therefore, that those sites that make this easy for Google are far more likely to perform better in the search results.

Here’s three important questions:

  1. Can Google index all of the important areas of your site?
  2. Does your site state exactly what services or products you provide?
  3. Do you use the language that your potential customers would use in order to find what you offer?
Higher search rankings in Google

Google Ranking Tip

If Google cannot find or index your site, your content cannot be added to Google’s databases meaning that you won’t show up in the search results, which in turn leads to you missing out on the highly targeted traffic that can be gained from having an optimised website.


Do you want higher search rankings in Google?

Research has shown that traffic gained as a result of using a search engine has a huge impact on the success of a business. SEO helps boost rankings by making content available to the search engines and therefore ensuring that it will be found by those very people that you’re wanting to find it. SEO can be quite complex, however, with a little knowledge you could make a big difference to the visibility of your website in the search results.

If you want higher search rankings in Google we can help. Our step-by-step guides cover the fundamental strategies that make your website search engine friendly, enabling it to rank at the top of Google for your best search terms.

There are many forms of marketing that can drive traffic to your site including social media and email marketing, however, search engines are still the primary method for most internet users and the targeted traffic gained through search has an extraordinary rate of return compared to other types of marketing.

Due to the incredible opportunities that you could gain through SEO and the highly targeted traffic that this form of marketing provides we’re very eager to help you get this right for your business.


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