How much does a website cost?

How much does a website cost?

This is something that I get asked on a daily basis working in Loinim Media. How much a website costs is unfortunately a question that can’t be simply answered. Asking a few questions about the functionality that’s needed usually elicits a blank look followed by – “But roughly how much?” “On average?” If you’re asking these questions it probably means that you need to give more thought to what you want to achieve through your website before you actually go ahead and get one. We can, of course, help you to establish what you’ll need your website to do, but for now let’s run some numbers and discover the true cost of a website.

Something Basic

Starting out a new business with a tight budget as a start up means you have to be really strict with what you can afford. However, branching out onto the internet is something you need to be spending some time and money on. You can probably go directly to a website designer to set you up with something but for anything half decent on a CMS (Content Management System) you would be looking at around £400-£600. If you go to a fairly big agency for the same thing you would probably be looking at a website cost of £2000. (I built a basic site in an agency a couple of years ago and they billed out at about £3,500) So for a small business an agency is definitely out the window!

Another thing that isn’t thought about when setting aside budgets is the cost of the website hosting. Though it’s not a huge outlay getting a good deal for a host speed that works is very important. Larger hosting companies tend to have much slower speeds which is bad for keeping customers on the page and for your Google ranking. A small website could see you setting aside £100 for the year. That’s a pretty good rate if you can get good speed, but yes, it still adds to your website cost.

Fully Custom Website / Bespoke Website

If you need something created bespoke to your needs (every website should be) then you’ll be paying a fair amount more for your website. If you need a design to match your brand, which is necessary for all of your marketing, and if you need your website to have specific functions or be E-commerce, depending again on size amount of products or pages, then going to a website designer is likely to cost you around the £5,000 mark or £12,000 and upwards with an agency. If you’re needing a large number of pages or products than agency prices can be as much as £250,000 (I have actually seen this amount passing for two companies) and the final outcome was in my eyes not even worth half this price tag. One of which was terrible (I knew the client and the development company made an absolute killing on it) It still doesn’t function properly to this day. I dread to think how much more they have sunk into it…

Do you want to be found in Google?

If you’re planning on getting someone to optimise your site so that you are found in the search engines (SEO – Search Engine Optimisation) it’s a tough one, as it’s hard to actually see what is being done and results can take time. Finding someone with a proven track record for getting results is, therefore, essential. If you’re a small business with minimal pages, SEO costs are along the lines of £200 a month for 6 months. You would, therefore, be looking at investing £1,200. SEO is also something that you can’t pay once for and then stop after a while. You need to constantly invest in SEO – another necessary website cost!

Let’s have a quick calculation

Let’s say you’re taking the small website option because as a new business that’s all you can afford – you would be looking at £400 for the website then another £100 to host the website: upfront investment of £500. And that’s before thinking about your Google ranking. So £500 is the cheapest you can get your website for. If you want support with SEO or Social Media the price soon starts to ramp up. But there is a much better solution. If you’re a new business the absolute best thing that you can do is to invest in yourself in the early stages. There is only one person that wants you to succeed to high levels and cares fully about your business, and that’s you. Therefore, investing in yourself is the smartest thing that you can do.

I know how hard it is to set up a business, this is why I have developed Young Business Hub for smaller businesses. We can set you up a website on a CMS with no limitations to growth, if you need more pages you just add them. That’s not all we will be doing! With your Online Business Hub membership, we will provide you with your website hosting for FREE. We will, week by week, send you a step by step ‘how to’ guide in PDF format, telling you exactly what you need to be doing to your website to get it working for you. These weekly baby steps will be manageable for your learning and development. From your website layout, the backend management, to the SEO and social media and a whole heap of other useful tips and necessary information to ensure your business takes off online.

Get your website and online visibility for a fraction of the usual website cost

With the Online Business Hub Membership, you are getting the beginning stage of your website completed in the first 30 days of your membership with us. (No, that’s not a typo!) With OBH you don’t need to find £100′s upfront. Just get started, learning at the same time so you can grow your business too. Yes, you really can get your website and online visibility for a fraction of the usual website cost! In a nutshell – you’re getting set up with a website and learning about your website and how it works and therefore saving on your initial upfront deposit – you can get a website and 11 months of training before you have even reached your initial investment!
I have heard this quote from a number of people I have explained this too:

I just wish this service existed when I was setting up my business.

If you already have a website you can still take advantage of our fantastic training material which can be applied to your website if you have a CMS website. Our easy ‘how to’ guides will make a real impact to your online presence.

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