A Mobile Friendly Website

Having a mobile friendly website coming into this new year of 2015 is something that businesses can’t afford to ignore. With Mobiles and tablets being the more affordable devices now. They are now the chosen devices to have to hand when browsing the internet at home as it’s easy to carry around with you. As you probably already know people browsing the internet is fast paced and they will only stay on a website for 7 seconds if they can’t find what they are looking for they will navigate away to find what they are looking for elsewhere.

Why does your business need a mobile friendly website?

If your website is not mobile friendly people will find it hard to read any of the content on your website by having to zoom in to make the text readable then having to scroll left and right, up and down. They will very quickly get annoyed by this as many of the other websites they visit on their phones will be ready. They just need to scroll up and down. I’m not even going to go into detail on how hard it is to use any form of navigation on a non-mobile¬†friendly website.

Google is really starting to take note of what people are looking for in terms of content. So not only will your website more likely be served before a competitor without a mobile site. But when doing a google search now if your website is mobile friendly it will be given a note next to your listing to clearly state to the user they are not going to have a hard time finding their way around on your website.

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