Website designer, developer or agency? What’s the difference?

Something that I think is hard to understand if you are new to the web. You hear people saying that you will need a website for your business and you want a web designer to do that for you. Well yes and no. A web designer is definitely needed in the process of things to get your website online. But a web designer is usually not proficient with coding. Meaning the function of your website won’t be as good as if you go to a website developer. Also when looking for a website designer how do you know if they are any good? Do they have a portfolio? Are they too expensive? You get what you pay for? Chances are if you are setting up a new business not involved with the web industry you haven’t given your website that much thought about what it needs to do for you. Let’s break some things down.

Web Designer

Here are a few check points or questions you need to ask:

  • Is it his full time job? (If it’s a spare time hobby, he won’t be as good as someone that does it for a living)
  • Does he have a good portfolio?
  • Does he outsource the coding?
  • How much is he charging?

There is so much choice, which one is right? It’s a very hard process to choose the right person for the job, Web designers usually will lack in programming and will not have much of a clue when it comes to GOOD SEO, they may know a bit but not as much as an SEO expert that does it every day. So your site may look good but not much thought has gone into conversions visitor paths and online marketing of your website to actually be found in the first place.

Web Developer

Using a web developer might be a smarter choice, they can get someone to mock up a design and code it from that. Again you are looking at the same questions, is he going to do enough for you and your website? Does he know anything about your customer? Has he done any research into how they navigate around online. How does the content flow on your website? With a designer or developer they won’t be helping much with your website content which is so important. So you need an agency? A team of people that know the full workings of what you need to do?

Web Agency

They think of everything don’t they? Again you need to ask to see a portfolio, maybe some case studies to show what they have done for other clients, have they been successful? Do they have any testimonials? One of the main issues with a web agency is cost. I wouldn’t think you can find a full thinking agency to handle your website for anything less than £1,500 and if your only spending that then you will be getting very minimal help and support from them. They usually have massive clients that are paying £40,000 upwards for work to be carried out on their websites. So if you have the budget for an Agency they might be a good choice for you.

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